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Towneley Hall

Towneley Hall A museum in a country house

Towneley was the home of the Towneley family for over 500 years but in 1901 it was sold to Burnley Corporation. The family departed in March 1902 leaving behind a building almost completely empty except for a couple of tables and a few pictures in the chapel.

The park was opened to the public in June 1902 and in May 1903 the Great Hall and the south wing of the house were opened for a temporary art exhibition.

Today, the Museum houses a variety of displays encompassing; Natural History, Egyptology, Local History, Textiles, Decorative Art and Regional Furniture.

You are able to explore the period rooms, art gallery and learn more about Burnley's history whilst a Mouse Trail through the Museum keeps children entertained.

Towneley Hall is open from 12-5pm Saturday to Thursday
Please note we are closed on Fridays
Entry is free to Children, Students and Burnley residents.
Non-Burnley residents - £3.50.